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We are a team of experienced and well-coordinated IT specialists, who can either work as part of your already established team, or as a stand-alone unit. Agreed-upon quality and completion date are guaranteed as well as full control over the development cycle.

Custom Development

Do you need a specific outline for your product idea? We will take care of the complete project life cycle starting with analysis, including development, deployment into cloud or using local infrastructure, ending with post-development support.

Upgrading Legacy Systems

Maintenance and development of a long-standing system often poses an economic risk due to heightened operating costs and lack of workforce qualified for the technology used. We will create a tailored solution which preserves the core of the old system, but at the same time enables implementation of modern technologies.


We offer consulting services, especially in the field of development team management. We will recommend the best proven and time-tested procedures for increasing your IT department’s efficiency. Our recommendations are very specific - no more agile buzzwords.


Logo Java

Java has been our companion for more than ten years while working on various projects, ranging from large JBoss applications to fast microservices built on Spring Boot.

Logo .NET Core

.NET Core is a real star of our company, currently providing a solid foundation for the majority of our projects. In addition, we are keen to develop older .NET Framework-based applications.

Logo React

React, TypescriptMobX are our first choice in frontend development, although we are well aware of occasional better suitability of server-side rendering.


SQL Server is currently a driving force powering most of our projects, but we also have experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.

Logo Cypress

Cypress is our dark horse when dealing with UI test automation. At present, we cannot imagine testing and long-time sustainability of SPA applications without it.

Who we are

Milan Matys

Project manager, analyst, developer and a fan of Microsoft technologies. He likes to concentrate on the problem at hand, but is always on the lookout for new challenges.

Petr Bludský

Integrator and a man of all work. He can design API in Swagger, he uses Yarn like few others and he can send entities to sleep into the persistence layer.

Michal Ráček

Developer and a lover of all weird technologies. After ten years in a corporation he switched from java and Spring to TypeScript, React and .NET Core.

Daniel Krejčí

Frontend developer, because maybe the component’s born that way, maybe it’s Dan’s work.

Zuzana Švecová

She is in charge of quality assessment of all our products. When it comes to preparing and running test scenarios or handling UI test automation, there is none better than her.

Josef Kopecký

Developer and our rising star of .NET Core backend development, who also shines in the sky of React and MobX.

Hubert Dostál

Developer and an old hand at backend technologies, but if need be, he can easily manage frontend.

Your name could be here!

Write us, call us or drop by for a cup of coffee. We will get you acquainted with our projects, we can talk technology and show you the ropes.


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